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How to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

How to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal

Make the face of your home look fresh and new with a few quick updates. These great ideas will instantly boost the curb appeal of your abode and create a sense of welcome for guests and visitors. 

Add fresh greenery and flowers. Some new greenery and pretty blooms will add the perfect amount of life to your yard if you’re looking to boost curb appeal. 

Take adequate care of your lawn. Your lawn is one of the first things people will see when they glance at your home -- and can be a direct indicator of how well you maintain your abode. Be sure you’re adequately watering and fertilizing to keep it green year-round.

Add a pop of color to your door. Whether it’s with a fresh coat of paint or a colorful wreath, you can’t go wrong by adding a new hue to your door. 

Update your landscape lighting. To make your home stand out past twilight, invest in some new high-quality landscape lighting. 

Give your mailbox a makeover. If you have the ability to update your mailbox, don’t underestimate the power of doing so! A fresh coat of paint, visually interesting mailbox numbers or even color-blocking can look great when it echoes the design style of your home.

Make sure your gutters are clean. No one likes gutters overflowing with leaves, and guests are sure to notice if you’ve left yours unkempt for a few months too long. Give your gutters a good sweep to eliminate any unsightly buildup. 

Display a seasonal wreath. Wreaths aren’t exclusive to holiday decorating! Get creative with a spring or summer wreath featuring bright flowers, woven textiles or even a few seashells. 

Hide electrical wires. If you want your curb appeal to get an instant upgrade, look and see how you can hide any electrical wires that may be visible in the front and on the sides of your house. Strategically place pots or plants to hide them from the discerning eye! 

Upgrade the numbers on your house. A simple and chic way to add a personal touch to your home could be as simple as updating the numbers on your house. Opt for something on-trend to show off your unique style.

Give your porch a good power wash. If your porch has been neglected lately, give it a good sweep and quick power wash to remove any pollen, dust or dirt that’s been building up.

Pay attention to the details. You may have grown used to seeing that tiny tear in your window screen, but the discerning buyer will likely nit pick when they stop by. 

Declutter your home’s outdoor furniture. Too much outdoor furniture is hardly a good thing -- Update your patio by removing out-of-season or out-of-style pieces and replace them with a few on-trend pieces of furniture that speak to your style. 

Update your door hardware. For a quick upgrade to the front of your home, replace your front door’s existing hardware. Choose something that contrasts well with the color of your door!

There are so many small fixes to make when updating your exterior to increase curb appeal. These are just a few! If you’re thinking of selling anytime soon, be sure to contact one of our real estate agents to get a professional opinion on how to best update your home before it hits the market.

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