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How to Decorate Using Pantone's "Ultraviolet"

How to Decorate Using Pantone's "Ultraviolet"

Last year saw a bright shade of green, a few years before that we embraced merlot. This year, the Pantone color of the year is a little more eccentric. Say "hello" to the newest shade to make this prestigious cut—Ultraviolet.

Echoing one of 2018's predicted design trends known as Maximalism, this rich color is sure to add a dramatic dynamic to any home. Not convinced this color is for you? Here are a few creative ways to incorporatie Ultraviolet into your home while keeping your décor looking polished.

As an Accent

This is a subtle way to incorporate Ultraviolet into interiors without the color feeling overpowering or melodramatic. A simple purple accent in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, or kitchen can go a long way. Throw pillows, blankets, rugs and vases are a few of the easiest ways to spruce up your space with Ultraviolet

In Floral Arrangements

Another great way to nod to the Pantone color of the year is through the use of flowers. Verbena and lavender are two great options as you're getting your home ready for spring, and would look great contrasted with other light pink petals.

In the Kitchen

One of the most unique trends that's been developing since the announcement of Ultraviolet as color of the year is painting cabinetry and the underside of kitchen islands. Kitchens with warmer tones should utilize a deeper plum shade of paint, while bright white kitchens would look great with a lavender shade of purple.

Through Rich Textiles

Soft velvet upholstery has been having a moment for quite a few seasons now, and a deep shade of plum is a great color choice when looking to upgrade your living room furniture. Whether it's an armchair or a full sectional, a velvet plum couch is the perfect cozy (yet upscale) addition to any living space.

With Similar Colors

Diffuse the bright purple shade of Ultraviolet by decorating with similar variations of the same color. Experiment with a wide range of Ultraviolet tones including plums, cool lavenders, and even warm cream colors with a just a hint of purple to create a relaxing and trendy space.

As a Moody Backdrop

If you're participating in the late 2017 trend of Maximalism. that seems to be going strong, why not paint your walls a rich Ultraviolet shade? With such a deep shade on your walls, continue creating an air of extravagant elegance in your home with the use of velvet, leather, dark wood, and brass accents.

With Contrasting Colors

There's nothing subtle and shy about Ultraviolet, and pairing the color with shadews of teal, gold, and even red can create abundant visual interest in any space. Make bold decor decisions like a designer and get creative with your color palette in 2018. 

While Ultraviolet isn't Pantone's typical color of the year, designers have started embracing it and getting creative with the application in different homes. Will you choose a simple purple accent, or powerful purple-themed room? We're looking forward to seeing where this color takes the design community in 2018.

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