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How to Design Your Home Office & Desk Space

How to Design Your Home Office & Desk Space

Interior decor allows homeowners to express their unique style and make any house feel like home, but how often do you think about the design of your home in terms of functionality? We’ve already shared our top tips on home organization – Now we’re focusing on the home office space in your residence. These tips will help you design that home office space in a way that you can maximize your productivity and make your day run more smoothly!

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Work in the brightest room possible. The best kind of lighting for any office space is natural light. If you’re trying to decide where to set up your new workspace and don’t have a designated home office, pick your desk area based on the brightest room in the house.

Create a layered lighting look. Place different kinds of lamps or hanging light fixtures in your office space to achieve layered lighting that will allow you to have the perfect amount of light at any given time during the day.

Paint your office the perfect shade. According to Entrepreneur and Forbes, you can paint your home office for success. A coat of paint is one of the most simple updates to make at home, and low-wavelength colors like peaceful green and calming blue are proven to improve focus and a sense of well-being.

Perfectly position your desk. While some people enjoy a bit of scenery while they work and can focus with a large window in front of their desk, it can be more beneficial to put their desk perpendicular to the largest window in your office. This allows natural light to be cast onto your desk without it causing strain on the eyes when facing the window or causing reflections on your screen when your back is to the window.

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Keep your desk functioning like a workstation. According to several productivity experts, the only things you should be able to touch within arm’s distance on your desk are the things you use repeatedly or are working on at the moment. Kept at two arms’ lengths should be things you need but aren’t actively using.

Work left to right. Working left to right is an easy way to be sure the flow of work doesn’t stop once you get in the zone. Whether you’re signing papers or looking over documents,  things you’re referencing to the left and things you’re writing the right, you’ll be able to keep your desk operating smoothly.

Don’t forget a notepad. You never know when inspiration will strike (or an unexpected line item will be needed to be added to an ongoing to-do list.) Keep a notepad handy so you can write things down quickly without having to search for a pad of paper.

Keep a calendar handy. Whether you prefer a desktop calendar to a desk calendar, there are plenty of options to choose when picking the best calendar for your work lifestyle. Digital and desk calendars can be a great option for people who have a lot of planning to do, while wall calendars work better for those who don’t use a calendar they have to update frequently.

How to design your desk


Adopt a few plants. Adding a pop of green in your office space will not only keep your mind feeling engaged, but has also been proven to be healthy for individuals. Research the best indoor plants for your home office and decide which seems to be most suitable for your routine and the level of care you wish to give it.

Invite couch-like furniture into the space. Make your office space feel a bit more comfortable by bringing in a few leather armchairs, plush flat back chairs or even a small sofa if you have room.  Larger furniture or a cozy sitting area will make any office feel more relaxed and enjoyable!

Bring in candles or a scent diffuser. Aromatherapy can have a wonderfully relaxing effect for those under stress. Explore work-enhancing scents and essential oils that promote productivity, help with concentration and encourage you to feel energized.

Incorporate personal photos. Even though your workspace should be reserved for professional matters, bringing personal photos into your office will suffice as a wonderful reminder of why you’re working hard and make your workspace feel more like home.

Keep snacks handy. Don’t let hard work and concentration get in the way of getting brain-enhancing nutrients you need to stay productive. A grab-and-go snack station with healthy choices can easily be hidden in a small cabinet or displayed on a countertop space alongside a coffee pot and offered to visitors to your home office.  

Maximizing the productivity you feel in your home office is easy with these simple updates. To see a few of our favorite home offices in homes currently for sale, be sure to see our recent post about 7 beautiful home offices for productivity and style.

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