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When to Start Each and Every Holiday Project

When to Start Each and Every Holiday Project

While the holidays can make for some of the most magical and memorable times, they can also be a source of stress from October through January if you’re the one working on pulling them off. From dinner parties to family events and decorating, the fun festivities can quickly become a tiring to-do list if you don’t plan ahead. When it comes to prepping for the holiday season, here are a few things to start sooner than later so you can enjoy celebrating without the stress.


Make overnight arrangements if you have guests joining you for the holidays. 

Take holiday card photos. 

Update addresses for your holiday card list.

Purchase gift wrapping supplies.

Start a holiday calendar.

Be sure to book holiday flights, hotels and rental cars.


Design and print holiday cards.

Make a list of who you’ll be gifting this year, and designate a budget. 

Start shopping for gifts.

Wrap presents as they are purchased.

Book holiday light installation.


Address holiday cards. 

Send out holiday party invitations. 

Shop Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday deals.

Pull decor out of storage and test light strands.

Lay out your holiday dishware and cutlery.

Plan gift swaps and holiday parties. 


Send your holiday cards. 

Finish decorating your home.

Order specialty foods to be delivered for get-togethers and holiday dinners.

Stock up on multi-purpose gifts to have on hand like gift cards and ornaments.

Finalize your holiday menus and create a cooking plan as well as shopping lists. 

Finish ordering any online presents. 

Mail out-of-town gifts. 


Confirm your travel plans with family and friends, and create an itinerary for your trips.

Pack your bags and organize travel documents. 

Polish silverware and clean your holiday dishes prior to get togethers. 

Cook, bake, and distribute holiday treats.

Do any last-minute online shopping.

Plan a few holiday outfits for any last-minute party invites.


Deep clean the house and wash all dishes.

Launder sheets for guests and finalize any airport pick-ups.

Finish wrapping and organizing gifts. 

Do your grocery shopping and prep food where you can.

Iron table linens.

Intentionally plan time where you can be off your phone and with your loved ones.

This holiday season, don’t forget to carve out quality time with family, friends, and loved ones. The most amazing memories are made not because of your decor or holiday spreads, but with those people who mean the most to you! We’d love to wish you a happy holiday season—Use #MOREatx on social media to show us how you’re spending November and December in Austin.

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