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Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

As the seasons transition from summer to fall, homeowners should perform a few simple maintenance checks before the weather starts to cool and hurricane season is in full swing. Update your color palette to reflect the cooler seasons, check the exterior for damage before flood season is in full swing and invest in plants that will bloom in the spring. 


Update your color palette. It’s been a bold year for design and fall trends are boasting some gorgeous colors to use in your decor. See our blog post on colors to incorporate in your decor this fall for a few ideas!

Make sure your HVAC is running properly. You don’t want to move into the cooler months without a reliable HVAC! Be sure to test the system and replace air filters if necessary, as well as checking that heating vents are open.

Check your chimney for debris. Be sure your chimney is free of debris and schedule a cleaning if you didn’t do so in the spring. Nothing is more cozy in the fall than an evening spent in front of the fireplace!

Be sure windows and doors are sealed. Notice any drafts? It may be time to caulk your door and window frames or install glass panels on storm doors to keep the cold out.

Clean your dryer vent. Over 2,900 fires per year are caused by dryers, with lint being the leading reason and colder months being the most likely time for this to happen. Give your dryer vent a check (or have a professional do it for you.)

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Clean the gutters. Be sure to clean your gutters of leaves and pine needles before winter comes and the potential for freezing temperatures is an issue.

Locate your rake. Texas seems to transition from summer to winter with only a touch of fall weather, but leaves will fall toward the beginning of November nonetheless. Make sure you know where your rake is so you can quickly get your yard into shape whenever the leaves start to change.

Inspect the roof. Moving into hurricane season, you don’t want any missing or broken shingles that could cause leaks inside if heavy rains affect the area. Inspect your roof for signs of damage that can prevent catastrophe.

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Plant Perennials. Planting peonies, hydrangea and other perennials is a great way to plan ahead for spring. As the weather warms up in March, these plants will bloom beautifully, adding a pop of color to your garden without you having to tackle all of your spring landscaping at once.

Spruce up landscaping with shrubs. If you plant shrubs in the fall, their roots will easily be established in the cool, moist soil. 

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