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Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Spring Home Maintenance Checklist

Spring maintenance can seem daunting to both new homeowners and seasoned veterans alike, but there are a few key things to take a look at after the cold winter months are officially in the rearview. Take some time to walk the grounds of your home, making note if anything seems out of the ordinary from what you last remember. This simple checklist will give you an idea of what to look for when inspecting your home this spring.

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HVAC Systems. A technician should check your ductwork for signs of damage, do some cleaning and service to your furnace and A/C compressor, and clean bathroom vents on a bi-annual basis. The spring is a great time to have this done before the warmer months warrant an increased use of air conditioning systems.

Plumbing. Winter freezes are harsh on pipes, and it’s a good idea to make sure your they are still in good condition after the last cold snap of the season has passed. Look under sinks and up at ceilings for telltale signs of water leaks, call a plumber if you think there is damage that surpasses an easy fix.

Chimney. If you used your chimney frequently during the colder months, be sure to give it a checkup this spring. Chimneys can hold dangerous gasses if there’s even a small blockage, and an annual chimney checkup and clean up is a great idea.

Smoke Detectors. It’s suggested you change the batteries on your smoke detector at least once a year. Why not make it part of your spring cleaning?

Window Screens. Before creepy crawlies start to become more active, make sure to double check all window screens for rips and tears. 

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Gutters. Fall and winter months see leaves falling from the trees and sediment forming from freezing temperatures. Hop on a ladder and give your gutters a good clean in time for spring showers.

Roofing. If you’re worried winter weather may have damaged your roof (or you experienced any water damage from hurricane Harvey), be sure to give your roof a once-over and call a professional if you think something needs to be repaired.

Paint. If your exterior is painted and there are signs of chips from water damage or rot, you may consider touching up with a fresh coat of paint. If there is no major or noticeable damage to the paint from the winter, it’s still a good idea to give your house a light scrub.

Pest Control. If you see any problem nests forming around your home (whether it’s a bee hive, wasp, or hornet’s nest), be sure to nip the potential hazard in the bud and spray it with a healthy dose of the pesticide of your choice. If your exterminator hasn’t visited in a while, it may be time to give them a call to take preventative measures before spring is in full swing.

Patio and Deck. If your deck collected any sediment over the winter, give it a good sweep and/or vacuum. This will also remove pollen and appease any allergies for guests you’re hosting in outdoor living areas this spring.

Pool. Treat your water, check valves and filters, and inspect all equipment before welcoming friends and family back into your pool for the spring and summer. 



Lawn. Spring indicates it may be time to reseed your lawn, filling in areas that were affected by freezing temperatures before the heat gets to be too drying. When the grass turns a bright shade of green in late spring, it's time to fertalize before the hot summer months.

Shrubbery and Plants. If any plants were damaged beyond repair in the cold winter weather, it may be best to say goodbye and make room for new blooms this spring. If your plants are still in fairly good condition, be sure to trim any dead foliage to keep them alive and well as the weather warms up.

Trees. If your home experienced freezes this year, it may be beneficial to call an arborist and take stock of the health of your trees. If you aren’t familiar with the earliest signs of tree damage, you may miss something that could become a hazard later on.

Home maintenance is vital to your residence’s health in the spring, so be sure to take some time before the weather heats up and take note of any changes that may have happened during the cold winter months. The more you take care of now, the less you'll need to worry about later! 

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