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Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Your Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer maintenance should be simple, leaving time for you to enjoy your home in the hottest Texas months. The ideal time for neighborhood get-togethers, lazy days spent by the pool and nights gathered with family, summer should yield minimum upkeep following spring maintenance and maximum relaxation in your home.


Reverse ceiling fans. For maximum relief from the hot summer weather, reverse your fan to spinning counterclockwise if possible. This will propel the cool air directly down into the room, giving you a nice breeze.

Check the air conditioning unit. It’s recommended to clean your air filters monthly when using it a lot or at cooler temperatures.

Treat for bugs & pests. If you’re experiencing a continuing pest problem, it may be time to call a professional to treat your home. Seal holes where bugs can get inside, protect mattresses against bedbugs if your kids will be sleeping on camp mattresses this summer, check the attic for animals who may be residing there and immediately wash clothes after camping and lake trips.

Plan for home improvement projects. Summer is a great time to determine what home improvement projects you may be pursuing in the cooler months. Reach out to several contractors to get bids and plan your updates ahead of time.

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Take care of the pool. Skim the surface of your pool to keep debris out of the water on a regular basis, and prevent algae growth by scrubbing the sides of the pool one to two times monthly. Filter baskets should be checked weekly.

Make exterior repairs. Summer can be a great time to make exterior updates to your home like re-painting or fixing any broken window screens. Be sure to do this in the early morning or evening to avoid the worst of the heat.

Clean the grill. Give your grill and outdoor kitchen area a good scrub, whether you use the area frequently or not. For gas grills, turn up the heat for 30 minutes before letting it cool and then scraping away the residue. For charcoal grills, empty the grill and wipe out the old ashes before cleaning with warm water and dish soap.

Wash porches & decks. The height of pollen season is over, which makes summer the best time to give your porch or deck a thorough wash. Sweep or use an outdoor vacuum on the surface before rinsing them off.  

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Check the sprinkler system. Check your sprinkler system by walking around the yard and making sure sprinkler heads are upright when in use. Spray should be wide and not blocked by foliage, with appropriate pressure and no leaks.

Hand water garden plants. Give your garden a good water when you first wake up in the morning if the sprinklers don’t quite reach the area. If your sprinklers do reach the area, take one or two days per week to do a more thorough watering.

Add some mulch. By adding a fresh layer of mulch, you’ll keep weeds from protruding through the soil and also pack in an extra layer of moisture for your plants.

Enjoy your home this summer and keep maintenance at a minimum. Focus on keeping your outdoor living areas and landscaping at its best through the summer months and save lengthy outdoor projects for the fall.

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